2009 Contestants and Winners

Winner place Order of appearance Name Read an excerpt from:
4th Place 1 Saul Penn “What would you substitute for the Bible as a moral guide?”; “The Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child”
2 Jim Hebblethwaite “Optimism” from Philosophy selections
3 Steven Jones “Thomas Paine”
4 Bill Creasy “Humboldt” – 1869
3rd Place 5 Stuart Jordan “Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child”
6 Albert J. Rogers “Substitute for the Bible as a Moral Guide”
1st Place 7 James B. Tinsley “The Gods” 1892; and briefly “Thomas Paine” 1870
4th Place 8 Lynne Williamson Preface to the book: “Men, Women, & God” by HELEN H. GARDENER (1885)
2nd Place 9 Jamila Bey “What I Want for Christmas”
10 Vincent Lyon Closing argument in NJ Blasphemy Trial: Reynolds v State of New Jersey, 1887
11 Kevin I. Slaughter Lecture on “Blasphemy”
12 Donald Wharton “Hearafter”; “God in the Constitution”; “Some Reasons Why”
13 Don Evans “Secularism” 1888, Dresden Editions vol. 8
14 Woody Lipinski “Civil Rights ” 1883

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