Videos of 2009 contest now available on YouTube

Videos of the 2009 Ingersoll Oratory Contest have been uploaded to YouTube.

There were two videographers so there are two versions or sets of videos.

One is by Michael McCamman of AHA who edited his video into a one hour subset of the contest and includes the introduction, the five winners and four other contestants only.

Time mark on video:

  • 0.00        Introduction: Steve Lowe, Mike McCamman, Melody Hensley
  • 1:40        Lynne Williamson – 4th place tie winner
  • 11:10     Saul Penn – 4th place tie winner
  • 19:00     Stuart Jordan – 3rd place winner
  • 24:10     Jamila Bey – 2nd place winner
  • 28:30     James Tinsley 1st place winner
  • 35:00     Kevin Slaughter
  • 43:00     Vincent Lyon
  • 51:30     Albert Rogers
  • 58:10     Donald Wharton

The other, a complete set by Gregory  Walsh, can be   found at the Center for Inquiry Channel on YouTube and consists of the complete Contest in High Definition and broken into 16 separate parts:

This entire set is available at:

Enjoy watching and rating these videos.  It was a wonderful day in Dupont Circle!

It will now live forever thanks to our two volunteer videographers, Gregory Walsh and Michael McCamman.  BRAVO!


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